Rent a boat to see the shores of the world

With family, friends, group, Samboat welcomes you aboard its boats-walk to discover the estuary and the islands of the world. Different options are available from Ibiza, Croatia, Greece and many others: guided tours with cultural stopovers, river trips on the islands or aperitifs-tastings with winegrowers ... Our boat trips are commented by passionate sailors or guide interpreters recognized for their skills as scientific mediators. Rent your boat and visit places like;


This magnificent river divides the nation along its way to the Gulf of Mexico. Mark Twain has written widely on the Mississippi River, which has played a major part in the history of the United States. Embark on an ancient paddle steamer and tour the towns along, from St. Paul to New Orleans.

The Nile

There is practically too much to see in Egypt: the Great Pyramids in Giza, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Luxor Temple, Karnack, the Valley of Kings, etc. Why not take a little respite and board a boat that will make you discover the Nile, this fertile strip in an otherwise desert land? Stretch out on a wicker chair on the deck of a luxurious steamship or watch the world unfold before your eyes from the balcony of your air-conditioned cabin. Between Cairo and the Aswan Dam, there is a mine of temples and shrines to visit.


This second longest river in the globe has the planet's largest flow and drains a significant surface. An excursion on its waters will make you explore its wealthy biodiversity and will allow you to taste local fish, ceviche and other regional cuisine dishes. If some cruises cost the head's eye, rest assured: cheaper alternatives are available to rent a boat. Many tourists start the trip to Manaus just before Rio Negro and Rio Solimões meet to form the appropriate Amazon. Qualified speakers will introduce you to the wonders around you; you can then climb on a skiff or go down to the coast for an excursion that will allow you to carefully observe the fauna and flora of the location.

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