The free standing jacuzzi tub

There is something luxurious about the claw-foot tub, you can't deny it. We find it in period films, we imagine royalty lounging there. Are you redoing your bathroom or even creating it entirely? If you are wondering about choosing your jacuzzi bathtub, this article should help you make up your mind. So, a built-in bathtub or a free-standing bath?

You can see yourself there already. Bath enthusiasts will delight in a large bathtub (on feet or not). But it is true that in terms of aesthetics, the freestanding bathtub scores points. It undeniably brings style to this often neglected piece. Are you hesitating? Discover its flaws and qualities objectively in this article.

The advantages of the free-standing bathtub

The list of benefits of the freestanding bathtub is long. At first, we retain its charm, undoubtedly the main reason why it makes us fall for it. It is often installed in the center of bathrooms, as a central element, to beautify it. Its luxurious appearance is valued in this way, it cannot go unnoticed. It is so pretty that some even install it in a parental suite, not far from the bed.

His mind is an almost limitless source of inspiration for designers. You will then observe it as well rectangular, oval, round or even square, and this in a multitude of colors and coatings. Thus, you can adapt it to many decorative styles, from the most minimalist to the most charged trends.

We also appreciate it for what attracts its maintenance. Having no joints, mold is clearly limited. It is also possible to clean the underside of it. You can position it wherever you want, as long as there is water supply, anyway.

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